Welcome to Frassati Young Adults!

We are a young adult group, ages 18-35, at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. All young adults are welcome at our events, regardless of the parish they attend.

Our goal is to foster faith and community while helping young adults realize their purpose in their community, assist in exploring vocations, and deepening their faith in Jesus Christ.

We live out this mission by staying true to these four pillars our group is founded upon: Service, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social.

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Of Contact Juan Carlos Paz, Oblate liaison, at 210-342-9864, Ext. 1208


– The Service Pillar is dedicated to providing opportunities for young adults to serve their communities while growing in fellowship with one another. We volunteer regularly with local charity organizations as well as other ministries to help spread the light of Christ through living out our faith.


– The Intellectual pillar is focused on helping young adults grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and his Church by engaging the mind in healthy study and discourse. Topics such as the early Church Fathers or biblical apologetics allow us to dive profoundly into the richness the Church provides us and deepens our understanding on what it truly means to be a Catholic.


– The Spiritual pillar aims to bring young adults closer to Christ by offering opportunities to encounter Him in the sacraments and deepen our personal faith lives. By coming together for things such as group adoration and retreats, we can truly experience the love and fullness that God can give to us.


– The social pillar for Frassati hosts impromptu monthly activities to bring young Catholics together in fellowship and companionship. Every month has at least one gathering that is put together. Things such as trivia night, Sunday Mass & coffee, etc. allow us to come together and grow in friendship as a community.